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It allows you to see how the organization uses its funding to advance the mission and allocate resources. In addition, it shows the sustainability of the organization’s finances. Meanwhile, unrestricted revenue can be allocated toward projects, operations, and other expenses as chosen by the nonprofit itself.

This guide will explain what a Statement of Activities is and the key components in it. Once you have the change in net assets, you can compare revenue and expenses by significant program activity (or function) to see exactly where you are making or losing money. If you use cash-based accounting, you’ll only record cash deposited into your bank during the reporting period. But a nonprofit calls the difference between revenue and expenses change in net assets.

We now offer 10 Certificates of Achievement for Introductory Accounting and Bookkeeping. Expenses represent the costs incurred by your nonprofit in carrying out its activities and operations. Tom is a multi-disciplined leader with over a decade of experience in nonprofit operations, technology leadership in government, and over two decades of servant leadership. Expenses can be summarized into high-level categories or broken into specific accounts or classes. We’ll help you determine if outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is the right decision for your organization.

  • It also allows leadership to find potential financial opportunities and ways to address financial concerns.
  • However, organizations should generate it internally more often, such as monthly or quarterly, to monitor financial performance more closely.
  • MIP Fund Accounting® allows you to easily generate a statement of expense with its 130-plus pre-built reports and custom report-builder.
  • Gross receipts are the primary difference between nonprofits and for-profit companies filing a statement of activities.
  • Donors will often give product gifts to help with programs or events.

The program level goes into more detail and breaks down the income and expenses by program. This is useful for tracking the programs that are doing well and those that need more funding. Finally, financing revenue comes from the earnings and interest earned on your financial activities and savings. Liabilities include things like salaries, debt, and grants to other organizations. When listing your nonprofit’s liabilities, you must list them by when they must be paid and separated by current and long-term liabilities. Nonprofits use the statement of financial position to list their assets, liabilities, and net assets.

Example of Statement of Activities

Being a nonprofit does not mean, I don’t really care abut my finances. Understanding your finances and resources is extremely important to a nonprofit, because it provides insight as to whether or not you have the required resources to fulfill your mission. Today we are going to examine and learn how to understand your Statement of Activities, or Statement of Income and Expenses. Talk to the accounting experts at Jitasa to gain a better understanding of your nonprofit statement of activities.

Columns are included to report data for each class of net assets – without donor restrictions, with donor restrictions, and total. This report is important for nonprofit organizations because it helps them assess their performance and identify areas where they need to improve. A statement of activities will show your nonprofit organization’s revenue and expenses over a specific reporting period. This information will show that your organization is a good steward of donations and is working to accomplish its designated mission or goal.

Included are all nonfarm businesses filing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax forms as nonprofit organizations with an annual payroll of $500,000 or more. The Nonprofit Research Activities (NPRA) module of the Annual Business Survey measures research and experimental what is a schedule c form its your businesss net profit or loss development (R&D) performance and funding at U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. For nonprofits, your statement of activities is one of the primary accounting documents that your organization produces – it’s also one of the most insightful.

Therefore, between your statement of activities and statement of functional expense, you’ll be all set to file your Form 990 each and every year. Organizations were sent a letter informing them of their requirement to report under Title 13, United States Code, Sections 224 and 225. The letter also provided instructions on how to access the survey and submit online. There were three mail follow-ups and four separate e-mail follow-ups conducted to increase response. NCSES combines nonprofit sector data with data from the other sectors to estimate total national R&D expenditures. Organizations were sent a letter informing them of their requirement to report.

  • Since it is similar to an income statement it has revenues, expenses and a change in net assets.
  • Creating a nonprofit budget template can be a valuable tool to organize your financial data, plan for future expenses, and ensure fiscal responsibility within your organization.
  • Research was done by evaluating the reported R&D to expenses ratio and the organization’s website information.
  • Net assets with donor restrictions are usually never below zero, although special reporting may apply to an “underwater ” endowment balance (topic not covered here).

You are able to see how your organization is using its funding and how it is accomplishing your mission. It can also provide insight into the sustainability of your organization’s finances. Many organizations choose to partner with a third-party nonprofit expert, like JFW Accounting Services, as a cost-effective and efficient way to manage reporting requirements.

Nonprofit Statement of Financial Position (or Balance Sheet)

This report also shares how things can be improved by increasing revenue and decreasing costs. If the net income is positive, that means the organization is making more money than it’s spending. It means the organization is doing well and is able to continue its operations.

Used by nonprofits as part of their overall financial planning process. By understanding how much money an organization has available and where the money is being spent, nonprofits can make informed decisions about their mission, operations, and future. The net assets featured on your nonprofit statement of activities are simply your expenses subtracted from your revenue. This calculation shows the equity of your nonprofit organization and whether you have the revenue to cover expenses, creating a sustainable organization. Your nonprofit’s Statement of Activities must include your organization’s revenue, expenses, and net assets. The first thing you’ll want to look at when reading a nonprofit statement of activities is the net income.


The numbers for your statement of activities are pulled from the organization’s chart of accounts, and the net assets are calculated using those numbers after they’re put into the statement itself. Therefore, you need to make sure that your accounting system is well organized from start to finish, or else you may have errors in your statement. Nonprofits will share this information with the IRS, but they may also share this report on their website and annual report to inform donors about the use of funds. Nonprofits can use this report to file Form 990 with the IRS and provide donors with transparency and trust in the organization. A Statement of Activities shows whether an organization made a profit or a loss during a period of time. It is a financial snapshot that can be used to track the organization’s financial progress.

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The Statement of Activities, an essential tool for any nonprofit organization, is akin to an Income Statement or Profit and Loss Statement in the for-profit business realm. The summary level includes all of the nonprofit’s income and expenses. Nonprofits must file financial statements with the IRS to follow compliance laws, which is not the only reason they should include these activities. At times, supporters will give donations stipulating that they can only be used on a specific project or program. The net assets on your statement of financial position are where your organization must list these restrictions. Foundations require nonprofits to provide financial statements when they apply for grants.

Nonprofit Statement of Activities: What is it?

The sampling frame is stratified by primary type of organization, primary nonprofit activity, and state. Details on how firm-level sampling units are assigned to these strata follow. Information on industry classification, receipts, payroll, and employment was extracted from the Business Register during the frame construction. Nonprofit status for each establishment was determined by matching the Business Register to the IRS nonprofit list.

Our experienced team can help you navigate complex accounting systems & practices, from outsourced accounting to client advisory services. Jo-Anne Williams Barnes, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) holding a Master’s of Science in Accounting (MSA) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Jo-Anne is a certified Sage Intacct Accounting and Implementation Specialist, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, an AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificate II holder, and Standard for Excellence Licensed Consultant. The most significant source of revenue for most nonprofits is contributions received. There are two levels to the statement of activities; the summary level and the program level. England has undergone significant financial upheaval due to Brexit, and many citizens are concerned about the impact it could have on charities and their donations.

Heliconia Scholarship Foundation shares a financial report with its donors instead of an annual report. This decision makes sense since donors to a scholarship fund are likely concerned solely with financial details from this organization. Nonprofits must file four statements every year to comply with IRS rules.

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